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State to the only, the industry in order to be. Talent is the fundamental business development, is to promote the development of enterprises across the first productive force. We attach great importance to team building, the introduction of multi channels, efficient mechanism to cultivate talents, broad platform for the promotion of talent, for enterprises in the fierce competition in an invincible position to provide a strong guarantee.
In the introduction of talent:
We establish high standards, moderate advance the talent introduction mechanism, open campus recruitment, social recruitment, the introduction of foreign and other channels, Xiancai, strict screening, big wave gold.
In training talents:
We have set up a full range, systematic training system, the key to the cultural integration, to plan management as the core, in order to enhance the level of staff capacity in the actual combat, training a number of hard work, pioneering and enterprising.
In the promotion of talent:
Our high-speed, diversified development, to provide a broad space for development and promotion platform for everyone. The subjective initiative of the staff has been to the maximum extent, the intrinsic potential has been the greatest degree of excavation, the company has formed a good atmosphere of incentives.