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Diad Laser Gun

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Shenzhen Laserwin technology Co.,LtdProduct introduction: 

Production introduction:
Our Products are in Top-Grade quality with the unparalleled laser technology all over the world that own the surpassing technical core and stand above the level of this industries.It will still work under the worst environment.    

The first version of our sighting device has gained good reputation from most of our U.S. customers.We are now focus all the spirit to have the second version to come out,this version 2 owns the high stengthened spot that combines the fighting light with laser sighting together. The body are manufactured with millitary aluminum alloy of 6061-T6,the intensity comes to 3 times of the original version 1 that achieve 180 lumen,we have the laser sighting device installed to the bullet position of the pistol,this makes the acuracy of the sighting device strengthened a lot.Further more advantage: fast installation,small volume,water proof,hurtle resist and convenient portable taking,these characteristics make it can be fixed to the rail of pick up truck,it is the excellent lighting tools used in fighting sighting.

Product introduction: 

Main technical index:
Model:  2HY01R 
Laser wave length:  532nm 
Laser Power:<5mw
Laser working temperation: -20°C——+50°C
Laser Shooting Distance:(at night)500-2000 Meters
Laser Spot :25-35mm@50m
LED Lighting Power: 180 Lumen
LED Lighting Visibility: 130 Meters
Battery CR2 :(1pcs)
Working Votage: 3V-8.2V
Continuous single laser lighting time:  9Hours
Continuous single LED lighting time :120Minutes
Continuous Couple(LED+Laser) lighting time: 90Minutes
Guide Rail Type: Internation Standard Rail & Screw and fastner
Warranty period: 1 years
Product Dimensions:

Product packing:

Install on the gun:

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