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Laser flashlight

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Product introduction:

Product description:

laser gun sightlaser and light combogreen laser light combo

Non-Lethal Laser Lighting Torch which can be hand-held or carry on the guide rail system,lighting and blindfold double function. This blinding torch used the green laser that is sensitive with eyes and it will cause short blindness if expose to eyes.This will make it easy to defeat the scoundrel without any hurt. This product Laser wave 532nm, Output power 100mw,Light distance 0-100M,with 18650 lithium battery for more than 4 hours working in a full charge.The accessories include mouth cap,decline power cap.Equipped with remote drive-by-wire switch that is conveniently for switch control.Continuous zoom capability can make the laser spot adjustable from dia 20mm to 3.8m in 30M distance,and with dia 9.3M in distance of 100M.It can be adjusted according to any of the requirement.Ultra-low temperature control circuit can work in a very bad environment temperature of -30℃ and in IP68 waterproof grade.It is widely used in tactical, lighting, instructions, help warning, contact, self-defense, hunting auxiliary lighting, etc... It is the best choice for field trip, mountaineering, expedition, hunting, CS fighting outdoor gens.

laser gun sight

Technical parameters:
Outer Shell Material:   Aluminum Alloy 6061-T6
Laser Wave:532nm   
Laser Power: 50mw /100mw /300mw
Laser power adjustable scope:100%mw、80%mw、60%mw、40%mw、20%mw。
Blasting flash frequency:  7.1Hz  
Working temperature: -20℃~+55℃(in normal),
Battery:  18650 rechargeable;(1pcs)
Profile dimensions: L225.5*D36
Lighting time: 3-5hours
Spot type: ( 50mw  /26m@100m、6m@100m) (100mw  /4.8m@30m 、400mm@30m)
             (300mw  /30m@100m、6m@100m)  (spot diameter can be customized)
Rail type: International Standard- Clamp fastners
Adjustable bracket:    Versatile direction、(any of the directions)
Laser working life:5000 Hour
Warranty: 1Year
Product Packing:
laser and light combo

Product Test:

laser and light combo

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